We know how important it is to have a healthy self-esteem.

It is the basis for happy love relationships, deep and good friendships and trust. It creates a happy attitude towards life.

We can enjoy and freely let go and see and embrace the good in life.
We don’t have to constantly hunt for praise or recognition from others – possibly getting into debt to create a lifestyle so that we feel more valuable through things on the outside – only to end up feeling empty after a brief high.
However, what is the right way to feel true self-worth when we are aware of our faults and shortcomings?

The fact is that when we came into the world, as babies we were bursting with self-esteem. We cried out in the middle of the night because we were hungry and with a matter of course we expected to get something. It didn’t occur to us to think “oh, I don’t want to disturb anyone’s sleep” or “I’m not that important”.

We wet our diapers and possibly smiled at the person who changed them – and without any self-doubt. Never would we have thought of hiding our flab or comparing ourselves to other babies and what they can already do.
But at some point, this charming self-worth has been lost to us, through conclusions drawn from past experiences that we may not be good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, or desirable enough.

Through the RTT method, we can get to the root cause discovery and restore our self-worth with a powerful transformation.

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