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Dominique Zehe

I’m Dominique Zehe and I’m a Certified Hypnotist and Licensed RTT Practitioner,

following Celebrity Coach Marisa Peer’s award-winning method.

RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy and is an efficient combination of techniques from NLP, CBT and Hypnotherapy. With this method, you can make extraordinary, lasting changes in your life in a very short time by getting to the bottom of your problems and dissolving them under hypnosis.

In this way, RTT differs from conventional hypnotherapy, as conventional hypnotherapy works exclusively by putting the client under hypnosis and then giving them positive suggestions.

With RTT, on the other hand, the client under hypnosis learns the true cause of his problems, because in hypnosis the Central Nervous System (the critical mind) is put into the background and the client thus gains a deep perception about himself.

The client becomes aware of why he has developed some harmful behavior patterns that were very logical at the time he created them and he needed them to survive then – but they are in his way now. In the state of hypnosis, I then work with the client to dissolve the past so that an inner, new understanding begins.

This is the beginning of the transformation. In order to strengthen this valuable new comprehension, because the mind learns through repetition, I create a personalized recording that the client needs to listen for 21 days.


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RTT Session

Opening conversation and consultation 30 min
RTT Session, approx. 90 – 120 min
Personalized transformative recording, ca 15-20 min
Total time about 2 1/2 hours
You will receive personalized recording in electronic form.
Weekly telephone checkup approx. 15 min.
Final interview after 21 days approx. 30 min.


At the beginning of weeks 1 and 4, two 30-45 min phone consultations, via online meeting or telephone
3 Rapid Transformational Therapy™ sessions, 90 – 120 min each via online.
3 individual audio recordings
Weekly counseling and guidance via phone or online with practical customized exercises
60-min reflection via online or phone in week 8
30-min final discussion and evaluation in week 12

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