About me

Dominique Zehe

My decision

For more than ten years I was in an unhappy marriage, so at some point I had to ask myself the question, why is this?

When I looked back, I discovered a pattern in my relationships. It was always exciting, complicated, passionate – but at the same time connected with a lot of unhappiness.

My relationships took my main energy and it felt more like surviving.
Why was that? I began to investigate and realized that the patterns began in my early childhood. What did that mean for me?

Do I have to be unhappily trapped in these patterns because I didn’t have a good start in life? No, never! Deep down I made the decision that I will not let that happen!

There is so much to discover, contribute, live and love in this world. Life is too precious to just survive – I want to live a fulfilled life.

My way to the psychotherapist

After intense self-reflection and research, I sought professional advice and support to dissolve these patterns.

I called long lists of contacts to finally find a psychotherapist who at least gave me an appointment to see if we were a good match, only to put me on a (too long!) waiting list.

In the very nice and competent consultation, I explained to him my behavior patterns – but also told him that I am currently trying to rebuild my existence, also privately. Having just started a new job, I could not and did not want to deal with my past misfortune on a weekly basis for months – or even years. Because I had already done that enough by then. So I wanted to effectively dissolve my patterns and finally begin a fulfilling life – ready to give and receive real love. To really live life!

He had a lot of titles but still the psychotherapist was a humble man and told me honestly that he could not give it to me like that. He wrote me afterwards a letter where he gave me the advice that I should think about what is good for me every single day and concentrate on that.

Since that wasn’t enough for me, because I knew despite following his advice I have this destructive pattern inside me, ready to show up by the next occasion. I had to find another way.

My wonderful surprise

In the meantime, when I look back on my marriage, I am, despite everything, very grateful for everything I have learned from that time.

In addition, I have received a wonderful, absolutely surprising gift. I would never have dared to dream and I will always be grateful to my ex-husband for: a beautiful horse that I immediately fell in love with. Out of my love for this horse, I started riding. The fascinating thing about riding is that horses can sense thoughts. Every thought creates an emotion. Each emotion in turn creates an energy in the body that the horse feels.

When you are at peace and clarity within yourself, and you connect with your horse, then you can experience wonderful things: you feel the power that is in yourself – combined with the muscle power of a approx. 500kg horse. Strong and gentle, powerful and sensitive at the same time. It’s pure happiness and freedom.

However, if you have blockages and fears, then the horse can not follow you because it can not recognize the guidance.

What I learned from riding

After 3 years with my horse Bullit, in which we had beautiful and also frustrating times (every rider knows this), I met the horse trainer Michaela Kölbl.

In her booklet that she gave me it says “What you focus on expands”.
Since then, this sentence has never left me.
Every riding instructor preaches, “Look where you want to go! ”

Because when I direct my gaze to where I want to ride, my upper body, shoulders, hips automatically and subconsciously move exactly in this direction of gaze… the horse senses this and then moves with the rider, even though you have consciously given no commands.

Is it the same with people? What do they get subconsciously? Can you feel it when someone has a positive, life-affirming attitude? Do strangers sense when one has inner peace? Of course, that’s the communication that takes place subconsciously.

Gorilla Study

During this time I came across the Gorilla Test by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons:

They showed students a video that featured basketball players. The task was to count how many times the ball was thrown back and forth between the players in white T-shirts. More than half of the students gave the correct answer. But when they were asked if they had seen the gorilla running in the middle of the players, none of the subjects had noticed it.

When Chabris and Simons played the video again, the students wondered how they had not noticed the person dressed as a gorilla. He was so obvious!

This study shows how much our perception is shaped by our thoughts.
So what I focus on, that’s what I see. Thus, an open and positive attitude can open up paths for us that we did not perceive before – even though nothing has changed in the actual circumstances.

Why a positive attitude is not everything

„What you focus on expands“ – Was ist, wenn ich mich also jetzt mehr mit den Möglichkeiten in meinem Leben beschäftige – anstatt mit Ängsten, Schmerzen und Blockaden?

“What you focus on expands” – What happens if I focus more intensely on the possibilities in my life now, rather than on fears, pains and problems?
Can this change my life for the better?

Yes! But if you are still trapped in harmful behavior patterns, you will keep running in circles. Because the inner compass remains distorted. At some point I had the realization and necessary experience that I will always end up in the same relationship structures as long as I do not finally dissolve this behavior pattern in me: unconsciously rejecting those who do not fit my pattern and selecting those who end up in drama, struggle and sadness.

The liberation

And then I came across the work of the creator of the RTT method, Marisa Peer. Through her, I understood why you maintain an insane pattern even when you are unhappy doing it.

Why do you say no to the things that are good for you?

How does our mind work anyway? What is its task?

And most importantly, how do I dissolve the pattern so that I can free myself from it once and for all and truly live the life I want?

Since then, my life has changed fundamentally for the better!

Fears have been overcome, barriers broken down, new horizons have opened up….

Through RTT I have learned how to finally dissolve damaging patterns and thereby free myself from chains that keep me from living the life I want.
My belief is strengthened from time to time that really nothing – but nothing at all – is impossible. And I see more and more in myself, but also in others, that it really is so.

This makes me more courageous to dare further, greater wishes and changes. Because the more we move towards our potential, the more our potential expands – a fascinating thought that always makes me even more curious about the future.

What else is possible with the right mindset?

So far, everyone who has worked with me has experienced a new awareness of themselves and life, as well as set the course for profound, lasting change.

I am fascinated and convinced about RTT and how much potential is within us – that I would like to invite everyone to experience it for themselves.

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