RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy™ and is a new type of hypnotherapy and it is based on the fundamentals of the “Rules of the Mind“. In the following I mention only a few rules to illustrate the process.


“Rapid” stands for fast.

Through hypnosis you have access to your subconscious mind and the inner belief of the problem is revealed.
It usually takes months or even years of sessions with a psychotherapist to get to the root cause.
If I ask you something in a normal awakening state, your answer will be less precise than if I ask you under hypnosis.

The Rule of the Mind:
Our subconscious never forgets anything and it never sleeps.
Once it has internalized a belief, it holds on to it until it forms a new belief.


Through regression – you are going back to the time when you formed the belief or created that mindset – we then get to the root cause of your problems.

Once this cause is revealed, the belief is ready to be transformed to the desired belief.

Example: Someone has a fear of flying.
Feels trapped and helpless on the plane and panics at the thought. The client feels like he is in a coffin. Through regression we find out that the client was locked in a closet by the older brother. The client had no control, was helpless to the situation.

This feeling of helplessness is attached to small and closed rooms and anchored in the subconscious mind – and panic understandably rises at the thought of the plane, despite any statistics or logical reason you could show the person.

The Rule of the Mind:
Our mind is mainly focused on keeping us alive as long as possible. The fear of flying is therefore life-threatening. Emotions will always have the upper hand over factual truths.

Using different techniques, we first go back to the root cause of the problem. Empowering that helpless child in the closet. This is where the transformation begins.

Afterwards we then work together to connect flying with freedom and the joy that it brings to see the world and to be free. Here, too, I use of the Rules of the Mind that the subconscious reacts to emotions.


After old beliefs are dissolved and transformation is initiated, I create a personalized recording.

You will receive this recording, which is focused on your wishes, after our session, which you will then listen to for 21 days.
This recording helps you to focus on your goal. In this way, your subconscious mind lets this new, liberating belief set sink deeper and deeper into itself and it becomes part of you.

The Rule of the Mind:
What you focus on, you move toward. The mind learns through repetition.

There are three types of change you can expect then:

  1. Right after the session an immediate change
  2. Cumulative: changes that happen little by little
  3. Retroactive: Changes you don’t notice yourself, except when you look back, or others tell you that you’ve changed.

After the session and during these 21 days I will continue to accompany you on the path to your change.

RTT stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy™ and is an efficient combination of techniques from NLP, CBT and Hypnotherapy. With this application, you can make extraordinary, lasting changes in your life in a very short time by getting to the root of your problems and resolving them through hypnosis.

In this way, RTT differs from conventional hypnotherapy, as conventional hypnotherapy works exclusively by putting the client under hypnosis and then giving them positive suggestions.

With RTT, on the other hand, the client under hypnosis learns the true cause of his problems, because in hypnosis the central nervous system (the critical mind) is put into the background and the client thus gains a deep perception about himself. The client becomes aware of why he has developed some harmful behavior patterns that were very logical at the time he created them and he needed them at that time to survive – but they are in his way today.

In the state of hypnosis, I then work with the client to dissolve the past so that an inner, new understanding begins. This is the beginning of transformation. In order to strengthen this valuable new comprehension, because the mind learns through repetition, I create a personalized recording that the client needs to listen to for 21 days.

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