By unlocking the power of your subconscious mind I help you set healthy boundaries

It will create space and peace within yourself, so you can be truly who you are

And as a further result it will bring clarity in your relationships, so they can thrive

„Setting boundaries doesn’t mean limiting the world – it means creating space for you to evolve“

Dominique Zehe

Have you ever wondered if that’s all there is to life?

Are there things in your past that you still carry around with you as a burden and that determines your now?

Do you sometimes feel that you are losing your identity more and more?

Do you feel that true happiness, success, and love are unattainable – and that having it all together is unrealistic?

The good news is, yes, there is more to live for!
We can define our burdens and then finally free us from them.
We can find our identity and be more and more yourself.
And yes! You can have it all. You can have a fulfilled love life, a successful career and wonderful friends.

How? The key lies within ourselves.
Experience through Rapid Transformational Therapy™, a new and highly effective form of hypnosis, how you can dissolve inner blockages and mobilize forces from your subconscious mind for your goals in a very short time.

Because anything is possible!

RTT has been successfully used in medicine, in schools, in companies and by athletes.

In the personal sphere, RTT can be used in almost all areas – here to name a few:


Drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling, or compulsive behaviors.


Stress, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, guilt, relaxation difficulties

Eating disorders:

Dieting, weight problems, bulimia, excessive exercise.


Self-esteem, self-confidence, motivation problems, goal achievement, procrastination

Career Difficulties:

Public speaking, interview/conversation inhibitions, concentration difficulties, exam anxiety, memory,
Driving a car

Sexual problems:

Fertility, IVF, Conception, Potency, Birth


Pain management, hearing and vision, skin problems, mobility.


Childhood problems, sleep problems, love relationships

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