Behind many eating disorders is often a need for protection or a feeling of not being enough.

We also have in our language the term “weight loss” or “losing weight.”

Each word creates an emotion, and the word loss or weight reduction has a negative meaning for us. Instinctively, our unconscious emotional mind holds against it, rather holding on to something – and its subconsciously becoming active to get back something that is lost. Some also unconsciously try to appear “big & strong” by their weight. And even though they are overweight, they tend to feel small and fragile when they face challenges in life.

Then the subconscious mind comes up with the usual solution of giving life more support and strength through food and more weight. It varies from case to case, of course, but these are examples of how beliefs can block us in our progress.

As long as you do not resolve this, it will be very difficult to reach the desired weight, because there will always be that “something” that prevents you or makes it very difficult.

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